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Monday, August 07, 2017

Shelling Corn and Painting with The Art Sherpa

The men have been shelling corn.

Kirby, Stacy, and Ashton came for a sleep over.

This started out to be a fun happy project with TheArtSherpa.

... but soon the boys were ready to do something different.

Maybe boxcars would be more fun.

I coaxed them to finish their art projects...

... and I'm right proud of them.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Corn for Heritage Bible School

Life ...
Paul reads to Kirby, Stacy, and Ashton.

Our church put up corn for Heritage Bible School.
It didn't take long to husk 20 bushels.

Many people showed up to help clean and silk the corn.

Ready for the cooker.



Cutting it off the cob.

Scraping out tubs of cut corn to be ...

... bagged in gallon bags.

And then of course, we could eat all we wanted.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

2016 Heatwole Sewing Retreat & Planting Corn

Our 2016 Heatwole Sewing Retreat is now history. If you missed out, here are some links that tell of our time together. 

Barbara's blog  "QuiltinGal."
Polly's posts "PollyHeatwoleYoder."

I love being with Mother and my sisters. 

It was a fun and fantastic week.

Paul came to Chattanooga to pick me up and enjoyed being with us the last day.

This past week the men started planting corn in some of the drier fields.

Kirby and Stacy enjoy riding with their Dad after school.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Life and Roses Through the Lattice

Life ...

Blue Moon and Reflection outside our front door.

 Corn harvest is in full swing.

Getting ready for Sunday company.

I made two peach and two peanutbutter. 

Our guests:
Dwight & Chrystal and family

Paul's sister Miriam and Kenneth from Taylorsville, MS.

Paul's folks, Ben and Silva

Joel and Belinda and family. They just recently moved into our area from Michigan.

Paul's sister Jeanie and Galen

... as a Quilter

The quilting is finished and it's ready to be blocked.

It's amazing how a quart of water makes a quilt lay and hang flat.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Harvesting Corn, Lily, and Bubbled Double Nine Patch

Life … on the farm

Quinten gets the combine ready for the day.

Cutting corn and unloading it into a grain cart.

Bronson and Gabriel hauled the corn away as fast as Quinten could cut it.

Ashton loved riding with Gabriel for a while.

Uh-oh! Problems in the wiring harness.

The ground is gradually turning red from the bees wings of the corn kernels.

After a windy day there was actually a drift of bees wings on the east side of the shop.

Paul gave the neighbors a ride after a hard day’s work.

… as a Quilter

Today I fixed up my mobile design walls in preparation for Saturday’s “Lily” Workshop in Starkville.

I have started quilting my “Bubbled Double Nine Patch.”

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced  WIPs on Wednesdays

Monday, July 07, 2014

Corn Day

Last Saturday our day began in Phillip K’s corn patch, filling buckets with Incredible sweet corn.

Even the younger children helped.

Paul’s mom was a trooper and …

… stuck with the job until it was done.

Daddy took his place at the hot stove.

Silking and cleaning. They look like they are having fun!


Cutting the last of the corn off the cob and bagging it up for the freezer. Little Delta Joy gets special attention from her Great Gramma Graber.

The young cousins earned this swim after helping so well.

~~ Parting Shot ~~
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